Jack Daniel’s

On November 9, the day after typhoon Yolanda hit the Philippines, we went to our office mates’ house. We prepared food, ate and bonded. Well, honestly, I just slept after dinner. Baboy much? Lol.

We had this planned before so even one of the strongest typhoons can’t stop us. lol

He also found this white tank top at a store near the office and bought it for me. He likes it cause it matches with his black shirt. He said we can make them our first couple shirts.

The cute kid you will find in these photos is Rizi’s very charming daughter: Azaleah (Zia).  We were supposed to have couple shots but she wants to be photographed too. And who could resist that charm and cuteness? Gigil! (a lot of people thought she was my kid, they said we have an undeniable resemblance. hehe)

Impromptu acting. Pwede! Lol

Impromptu acting. Pwede! Lol


So here are the rest of photos we managed to shoot. Lighting was not that good since there was no power that day.

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