STK ta Bay! Paolito’s Seafood House

My favorite restaurant with my favorite person. ❤

Camera Shy


It’s been while since I’ve reviewed a restaurant in this blog. Been very busy, funding issues and a couple of nature’s hissy fit. Anyhoo, this visit is special, this is the first time I reviewed a resto with The Girl Who Likes To Eat Crabs In Curry Sauce.

STK stands for Sugba(Grill), Tuwa(Soup, from the word Tinola), Kilaw(raw, usually fish, salad). I’ve been visiting this place for a long time now. Not many knows this place but those who knows, always dine in here. The food here is delicious as it is inexpensive! The place is like a converted old house. There are lot of antique stuff lurking around the place.

This is just one part of the place, they have different rooms full of the same antique stuff.

We arrived at the place around 8 in the evening and placed our orders thereafter.
One of our…

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