Day 1: Of love and Toothbrushes

Day 1: Of love and Toothbrushes

I am starting the Project 365. It is taking one photo a day for an entire year. I got this idea from The Boyfriend (
Since he is an aspiring photographer which I am not, I will grab some photos taken by him. The goal is to document through a year-long photo album the visual history of your life. I hope I won’t get tired of this. I should really start taking photos besides plants and insects. lol. If I’m lucky I will learn some photography stuff too. *fingers-crossed*

Going back to the photo, we found these couple toothbrushes at a department store. I want a blue one for him but we couldn’t find one. They are just so cute so we bought them!


10 thoughts on “Day 1: Of love and Toothbrushes

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  2. I completed a photo365 project several years ago and I recently started another one. They are fun. I ma doing the current one with my daughter. She is 29 and I am 59 so we started on our birthdays and are trying to get through the year. She is a photographer, like you, I am leaning. Random stuff makes some good photos, don’t get discouraged.

    • Thank you! I guess it’s a lot more fun if you have someone to do the project with. I will post my first photo today (other ones were borrowed). Thank you for the encouragement. Good luck with the project too 🙂

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