Day 6: As Sweet as a Ripe Persimmon

As Sweet as a Ripe Persimmon

On my hand is a Persimmon: a sweet tomato-like fruit. It’s my first time seeing it so I have a strong urge to have this documented. 🙂
A couple of years ago, I’ve read a children’s story titled: The Tiger and the Dried Persimmons ( that got me curious about this fruit.  There is even one article saying its seeds can be used to predict weather (!

I only saw pictures from the internet but never had I imagined seeing a real one! So happy! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Day 6: As Sweet as a Ripe Persimmon

  1. I love Persimmons! They’re only ever in the supermarkets for a few months though. I’m also really bad for saying it as ‘perisimmons’, it annoys me so much! So funny that the seeds could maybe predict the weather, I’ll have to try that out ;P

  2. Yes, widely available from September to December based on what I’ve read. You can’t say its name right? That’s really cute ^_^ I have yet to try out predicting weather through it though. I’m not sure if it works here since we only have dry and rainy seasons. 🙂

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