Day 35: The Countryside


The kind of place I dream to live in.


My Kind of Snack

Passiflora Foetida

I used to go on adventures with my friends when I was little. Whenever we got hungry, we would just search the bushes for these fruits. They turn yellow when ripe so looking for these felt like treasure hunting, like looking for gold. The branches crawl on the ground or over the shrubs so it was  like following a trail making us feel excited to see the other end of the vine.

We call it Utot-Utot which  means fart in our language. I don’t get why it’s called that though cause it smells nothing like fart. The name maybe unappealing but this tastes really good. Whenever I see these, fun memories of my childhood flashes back. It reminds of how nice it is to be a kid again.