Day 15: Family


This picture was taken over a year ago when my parents celebrated their 26th wedding anniversary. My 2 younger sisters and I are making a living here in Cebu as call center agents. We can not go home whenever we want to so we decided to have my parents along with our youngest sibling visit us to celebrate the said anniversary. We had a lot of fun. We bonded. We played. We sang our hearts out.

I am posting this since I really miss them. It’s sad knowing that for some reasons I can’t be with them this Christmas. It has been a family tradition to spend the holidays with the family. I talked to my mother over the phone yesterday and she sounded really sad. She was very excited and had everything ready. She even fattened up a pig to be roasted for Christmas eve. To cheer her up, I just told her I’ll go home after the holidays and spend time with them.

No family is ever perfect. We may argue, fight and misunderstood but we still care for one another. We maybe far away, but we are always in each others’ hearts. No matter what happens, we always have each others’ backs. We never cease to love. After all, that’s what family is all about.

P.S. This Christmas song always tears me up.

♪♫ Ang pasko ay kay saya kung kayo’y kapiling na
Sana pagsapit ng pasko, kayo’y naririto. ♪♫


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