Day 16: Langga


Happy Monthsary Langga!

[Warning: Cheesy content]

Today marks the 4th month of our relationship. I’ve been very lucky in finding you or lucky you found me. . Either way, I’m happy. You’ve been the reason I smile, the reason I’m happy, the very reason I’m inspired.

What took you so long to arrive? It got me believing I would end up being a spinster. I was so ready to embrace that fact but then you came.  We’ve been friends for a long time and I really didn’t expect we would end up being together. I really wondered why it took me so long to realize it was you I’ve been waiting for.  Maybe it wasn’t our time yet. Remember when I saw all the signs but still refused to accept them? God really knows how to make a beautiful love story. Ours is my favorite.  I now understand why our friends were so kilig when we announce we’re together. I thank God for the wonderful days I got to spend with you.

I thank you for understanding me even in times when I can’t understand myself. You are a very special person and I’m so privileged and lucky to have you, to have known you. You are the best gift I’ve ever received: My Mama Mary’s Gift.

I. Love. You.


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