Little Ninjas

Little Ninjas

Let me introduce to you: Shikamaru and Deidara. They are Naruto anime characters. Shikamaru is a main supporting character while Deidara is one of the villains (part of the Akatsuki group).

Shikamaru’s a lazy genius. He complains about everything being troublesome. He is one of my favorite characters cause he is just brilliant. He prepares a hundred moves ahead of his enemy. He could tell if he will win a match the moment he knows his opponent’s abilities. He is also constantly supporting Naruto (the main character).

Deidara on the other hand is obsessed with art. He loves to play with clay and turns them into bombs. He’s funny too.

P.S. These are from the boyfriend back when we were still friends. I asked him for interesting mangas to read since work got really boring. I got hooked since then. I then in turn introduced it to my sister who is now a certified Naruto addict. lol


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