Day 30: Black and White


We had a vintage-themed Company Year-end Party . I don’t usually dress up for these occasions but it’s different this year. Boyfriend was able to convince me into wearing an LBD for the first time! He got all excited. It was him who was all giddy to look for the outfits we will be wearing. He chose our accessories too. Acting is really his thing and I don’t want to spoil it for him. I supported him all the way even if it means I have to pretend that I was comfortable on what I wore. It didn’t come as a surprise for everyone when he was nominated that night for best in costume. Congratulations Langga. Thank you for this chance. I never thought it could be very fun.


(click to enlarge)


7 thoughts on “Day 30: Black and White

    • Thank you! I rarely wear skirts/dresses since those make me feel uncomfortable. I never thought dressing up could be fun. It’s time to take off those sweatpants and feel fab in a dress πŸ™‚

      • Well, you look great!
        I’ve always worn just dresses mainly because I’m a lazy dresser haha. I hate having to think about what shirt goes with what pants…I like to throw on one item and go!
        But being in MI makes it really hard to do that in winter and not freeze. It was 9 degrees today-bleh!!!

      • I’ve been living in sweatpants lately. It is so so so cold here!!! I’m completely envious of anyone who is anywhere right now that getting dressed doesn’t mean layers of clothing lol!!!
        Where is Spring?!

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