Day 58: Gong Xi Fa Cai


Red Envelope or Ang Pao

DSCF8203 DSCF8206 DSCF8208

These are the decorations in the office to celebrate Chinese New Year. Our boss is Taiwanese and follows the tradition. He also gives out Ang Pao or Red Envelope to us employees for good luck. They contain money so we are always looking forward to receiving them. 🙂

Chinese people follows a different calendar. First day of the year is between January 21 and February 21, on the day of the first new moon: the darkest day.

Gong Xi Fa Cai means Wishing you a financially prosperous year.

Gong Xi Fa Cai everyone!


Blogging Dilemma

I have to admit, I’m still new at this blogging thing. In fact I don’t consider this blogging at all. Are there certain rules in blogging? I just don’t feel I meet the standards.  I’m not even good at writing to start with. I envy those people who can write just about anything. I really want to write sensible stuff, funny stuff or something along that line. In short I just want anything worthwhile to for my followers to read, something to entertain them. So far all I managed was to retell stories on how my day went – something a 4th grader would write for her school formal theme writing activity, like a diary of some sort. lol

When I first started this blog I wanted it to be private.  I’ve been talking to myself since I was a kid so that works well for me. I imagined my future self reading about my mind’s twists and turns. There is a downside though: you are talking to yourself. Believe me, I love solitude but it gets lonely too. You don’t have differing opinions. While it is true that you can make up arguments in your head, you are also fully aware which side is winning. No man’s an island I suppose. An individual needs to interact with other people. We need to socialize. Realizing that was what I need, I set my profile to public.  It’s like opening up yourself to strangers, sharing your life with them, giving them the chance to criticize you all the while making you vulnerable. They might not understand you, find you uninteresting or worse, couldn’t care less about you. And isn’t it boring when all the other person talks about is himself? I don’t want people to feel that way towards me.  Every time I post something, I always ask myself first “Is it really okay to post this?”. I’m caught between opening up or locking up my shell. I hate rejection and I don’t want to be judged.

But how could people understand you if you shut the world out? How can they know how you feel? We need to reach out to them. We can learn a lot from people. Also, we need to be open to criticism. I am happy every time someone reacts to my post either negative or positive. It helps me grow as a person. I am thankful that some people feels the same way as I do making me feel I’m not so different after all. It’s nice to know that strangers wishes me well. It also inspires me that they appreciate my shots and also share my love for photography.

I am no expert as I lack experience but I think the key is achieving the balance between creating intimacy with my readers (assuming I have any. lol) and protecting my privacy. It’s a tough call, easier said than done but I’d still die trying.

Do I make any sense to you? If not then let me just finish this off by sharing this very old picture. haha