Day 37: Happy New Year

New Year

There are a lot of family traditions Filipinos observe in welcoming the new year. Wearing polka dots, having coins in your pocket and throwing coins are all done for good fortune. It is also believed that children who jump at the stroke of midnight will grow taller in the coming year. I remember doing this when I was a kid in the hope of growing a few inches. Fireworks are also displayed to drive away bad spirits. My father does not approve of any harmful way of making noises so my younger sister uses a lantaka or bamboo cannon while I use the torotot or trumpet usually made of plastic or paper.  Another tradition that my family follows every year is the gathering of 12 different fruits. These fruits represents 12 months of the year. It is believed to bring you prosperity all year round.  My mother also includes a Calabash gourd as the 13th fruit. It’s not a fruit though but a vegetable that we cook and eat for breakfast on the first day of the year.

I am not celebrating the new year with my parents but I still follow some of these traditions. They make me feel like home. Many thanks to the boyfriend who got his hands on the preparation which made our first New Year celebration together a memorable one.  Have an awesome new year everyone!


2 thoughts on “Day 37: Happy New Year

    • Thank you! Mostly me kasi pang Project 365 gusto ko talaga matuto. May ibang pix na bf ko nag-take pero ina-acknowledge ko naman xa. Sya yung palaging may dalang cam kasi sya yung may passion talaga sa photography. So yung cam nya laging nagagamit tapos lahat ng output may nkalagay na name nya. 🙂

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