I have a poor vision since high school. I refused to get a pair of eyeglasses back then in the fear of permanently having those dark circles under the eyes. Reading has always been my hobby. I read just about anything. I read even when there’s not enough light and even when I am riding in a vehicle. Talk about being abusive. A few months ago it has gotten worse. There was one time in the office that I had mistaken a co-worker for someone else.  Imagine me smiling broadly at someone I don’t even know! It was too late for me to realize it so I just continued smiling and pretended I was just friendly to everyone else. I was really embarrassed but was grateful she smiled back. That incident prompted me to finally get my eyeglasses and I got lucky the company shouldered the expenses. After waiting for a week because of the holidays, here’s me looking old.  (⌐□_□)


P.S. Everything is in HD when I wear them.


5 thoughts on “Four-eyed

  1. Cute!
    I used to avoid wearing my glasses in basic training in the Army because I hated them but I kept saluting random people and not the officers so I finally just sucked it up and wore them haha.
    Now I wear mine often and like them…I think there’s so many cool glasses now!

  2. kapag nagstart ka ba magglasses mapapabilis ba o mapipigilan ang paglabo ng mata mo? medyo malabo na rin mata ko pero kaya pa naman. naghehesitate lang ako kung mag glasses na ba ako o hindi pa.

    • kung mama ko tatanungin mapapabilis daw pero yong optometrist sabi nya dapat daw noon pa ako nag-glasses. palagay ko, tama yong mama ko kasi more than 10 years na saka ko pa na-feel na nag worsen na xa. pa-check mo na lang muna.

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