Looking Back

A lot of things had happened in 2013:  the earthquake that almost gave me a nervous breakdown since we were on the 9th floor and I was in the restroom with lights out alone; the hundreds of aftershocks that came after that which made us stay at our friends’ house for safety; the super typhoon Yolanda which  ravaged the central Philippines a month after; and the fire on the 4th floor of the building where we work that had us running down the stairs all the way from the 9th floor. Tough year, huh?

Looking back, I also had a lot to be thankful for. I was officially free from TB after 2 years of medication (6 months for TB and 18 months for MDR-TB). I feel so relieved that I am finally done with 120 painful injections (made both my arms and buttocks sore) and done with the 19 pills I need to take every morning which causes headache, nausea and vomiting for the rest of the day. Another good thing with 2013 was the fact that I was able to travel places across the country some of which I have never gone before. Also, I had the courage to start this blog. Yay! Last but never the least was finding my Langga. I know when I get old I’ll always remember 2013 as the year of finally receiving my greatest gift so far.

You could say I had a pretty challenging year but I still consider it a great one. I had people who loved me and supported me. I know they’d still be there and that’s all that matters.

P.S. Today also marks the our 5th month of being together hence the pictures. This is how I want to remember 2013: a year of love and hope.

Happy Monthsary Langga!


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