Day 48: Helping Hand


This girl is helping her mother out by being her mother’s little cashier.


2 thoughts on “Day 48: Helping Hand

  1. I’ve enjoyed perusing your blog. Your daily photos are a totally different world from mine; so green, so bright, so vibrant. It makes northwest Ohio so dull and cold by comparison. To me, you live in a paradise. But I don’t think I could handle the earthquakes and Tsunamis. Thanks for sharing your world.
    P. S. You and your boyfriend look happy together. A cute couple.

    • Hi! I’m glad you enjoyed reading my blog. This is a tropical country so it is blessed with beauty and beauty should be shared.I guess the natural calamities are the downside. It makes it fair and square. We really can’t have everything in life. Thank you for your words kind sir. We are definitely a happy couple and hoping we’ll still be in the future. 🙂

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