Tubod Flowing Waters Resort


I grew up in a place where bodies of water are abundant. Our city has a lot of waterfalls enough for it  to be known as “The City of Waterfalls”. I can’t go home yet so I really miss the refreshing feeling of taking a dip in the pool.

One of the few real friends I made from work already resigned from the company so we thought of having a despedida (farewell) party for her. I was really glad they want to go swimming to celebrate. Yay! The idea of swimming again made me really excited. We made plans for the food and other stuff we need . They all have kids of their own and we want to bond longer so we rented a room to stay for the night. It was a fun experience. It was almost dark when we arrived there so the kids just stayed in the pool for a while and went back to the room where they played until they doze off. The adults had fun too! While the guys enjoyed playing the guitar and singing their hearts out, us girls were busy chatting and laughing our heads off. We slept really late and don’t want the night to end. A very early and hearty breakfast was prepared the next day. The kids went swimming again after that. We left at midday exhausted but still wishing we could have stayed longer. We’ll definitely do it again in the future, I am thinking every month, maybe?


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