Day 50: Dating a Photographer

Being in a call center industry means your rest days constantly change. This week mine is Friday-Saturday while his is Saturday-Sunday. We have one common day off so we decided to spend it together. Since we both love photography, almost everything is documented. He knows a lot of stuff and has a lot of experience with photography while I am the amateur one obsessed with nature. I still have a lot to learn from the master. lol

We usually spend our dates eating out but this time it’s different. We decided to go to a Thai massage parlor. Thai involves a lot of stretching so we chose a more relaxing one that they also offer:  Swedish. It was really relaxing we both fell asleep halfway through the massage. 🙂

Next stop was my favorite pet store. I was planning in bringing him there for a long time. He enjoyed looking at different kinds of land and aquatic animals. We took pictures too.

We ended the day with dinner at the apartment with our favorite food: lechon. I guess you could say everything went well: our bodies more relaxed and stomachs full and satisfied.

Here are the photos he took as we stroll: (click to enlarge)

Here are mine: (click to enlarge)

At the thai massage parlor: (click to enlarge)


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