Blogging Dilemma

I have to admit, I’m still new at this blogging thing. In fact I don’t consider this blogging at all. Are there certain rules in blogging? I just don’t feel I meet the standards.  I’m not even good at writing to start with. I envy those people who can write just about anything. I really want to write sensible stuff, funny stuff or something along that line. In short I just want anything worthwhile to for my followers to read, something to entertain them. So far all I managed was to retell stories on how my day went – something a 4th grader would write for her school formal theme writing activity, like a diary of some sort. lol

When I first started this blog I wanted it to be private.  I’ve been talking to myself since I was a kid so that works well for me. I imagined my future self reading about my mind’s twists and turns. There is a downside though: you are talking to yourself. Believe me, I love solitude but it gets lonely too. You don’t have differing opinions. While it is true that you can make up arguments in your head, you are also fully aware which side is winning. No man’s an island I suppose. An individual needs to interact with other people. We need to socialize. Realizing that was what I need, I set my profile to public.  It’s like opening up yourself to strangers, sharing your life with them, giving them the chance to criticize you all the while making you vulnerable. They might not understand you, find you uninteresting or worse, couldn’t care less about you. And isn’t it boring when all the other person talks about is himself? I don’t want people to feel that way towards me.  Every time I post something, I always ask myself first “Is it really okay to post this?”. I’m caught between opening up or locking up my shell. I hate rejection and I don’t want to be judged.

But how could people understand you if you shut the world out? How can they know how you feel? We need to reach out to them. We can learn a lot from people. Also, we need to be open to criticism. I am happy every time someone reacts to my post either negative or positive. It helps me grow as a person. I am thankful that some people feels the same way as I do making me feel I’m not so different after all. It’s nice to know that strangers wishes me well. It also inspires me that they appreciate my shots and also share my love for photography.

I am no expert as I lack experience but I think the key is achieving the balance between creating intimacy with my readers (assuming I have any. lol) and protecting my privacy. It’s a tough call, easier said than done but I’d still die trying.

Do I make any sense to you? If not then let me just finish this off by sharing this very old picture. haha



22 thoughts on “Blogging Dilemma

  1. This totally made sense to me!

    I always have talked to myself too haha, it’s just easier sometimes lol. Don’t get too worried about things, just let be who you are. I think that is what is most important when doing anything but especially when writing, is letting your true inner voice speak through.

    The truth is, is some people may like what you have to say and some may not. It doesn’t make what you say any less valid. And as long as you stay true to yourself, you’ll be golden!

    I’m happy you posted this:)

    • Hi Tamara! It’s weird to finally call you by your first name. You bear the same name with my favorite character in Princess Starla/Gwenevere
      and the Jewel Riders.
      Thank you for taking the time to read my posts. I really appreciate it 🙂
      On topic: I realized I came to like your posts because they’re sincere and genuine. You speak from the heart (I hope I can be like that too) Not mention your kids are so cute 🙂

      • Ooh, I have never heard of this Princess! Exciting! I shall Google her after this.

        Thank you for saying that about my posts-that’s awesome! I write how I speak so most of my friends who know me knows that it’s a little bit rambling haha. I only write from my heart because otherwise it would just be too hard and too much thinking if I worried about who might like it, who might not, what I should say…too much work haha!

        I am happy we are blog friends! It’s so neat connecting with people from different places and sharing their lives and hearing their stories!!!

      • Ps. I just wanted to add that if there’s ever a password protected page, the password is:

        Nothing crazy is going on, I just was curious to how it worked:)

  2. Thanks for dropping by my blog, you are most welcome. When I start a post I never know what I’m going to write and half way through, have no idea where it’s going to end, so I use the photo to spark ideas and associations. You write fluently and much more extensively that I do, and that’s a real achievement. Your photos show your interest and fascination with your world and they encapsulate who you are……all very enjoyable. So I send my best wishes to you and your blog in Thailand, from me and my blog in Scotland. You are my 800 follower and I celebrate that. Thank you.
    Regards, john.

    • Hi John! Glad that you enjoyed the photos 🙂 You have great photos too! As to writing fluently, you are the first person to have said that and it means a lot for a starter like me. Thank you. I would also want to congratulate you for having 800 followers. That’s a lot!

  3. I don’t think there are or should be any rules to blogging, it would get pretty boring after awhile. I found the great thing about blogging and bloggers in general was the lack of rules that let the creative side run loose without any restraints or conventional methods.

    As for criticism, well people are going to criticise but I think you know when someone has a point and when you will have to agree to disagree, I wouldn’t change my style of writing or blogging just because someone got offended or disagreed with something I said.

    Great post.

  4. I’m so happy you visited and started following my blog! I’m looking forward to reading yours. I’ve only been blogging a little over a year now and I’m still not sure what I’m doing. My blog was intended to write about my family history but then it morphed into life in general and now I’m including photography! Very amateurish photography but….! I find that if there is something I want to write about for me and I present my thoughts sincerely, then people seem to like it. That’s what I’m drawn to in others. But, then, I also try not to get too personal — but that’s just me! Good luck with your blog. You will have fun and that’s the key! 🙂

  5. I feel the same! Not that i’m pro with writing and looking at my own post feel like 4th grader writing lol .. Guess i need to focus on writing and make interesting.

  6. I opened the blog up as well basically for me… but also I had hopes of maybe meeting one or two people I could share thoughts with.. I never realized just how many I would meet… So while I write for myself i also write to have interaction and comments and responses to what I’ve written… much more interesting Diane

  7. Hi… I came over to look at your site as I usually do if someone follows me… and I just thought I’d mention that it may be easier for reading or selecting if there was a ‘home’ page and maybe a widget with latest posts or most read posts…readers might select two or three to read… I think you’re a wonderful writer… and please I hope you don’t think me interfering because if you like your site the way it is that’s how you should leave it of course… Diane

    • Hi Diane! Thanks for taking the time to read my blog 🙂
      I appreciate you suggesting about its layout for a better reading. I totally agree with you. I can’t even find my own “about” page. lol
      I just selected this theme since I don’t know how to create my own. Don’t worry I’ll check some themes today and see if I can find some reader-friendly ones. 🙂

      • I don’t think you necessarily ‘have’ to change your theme… You can make an ‘about’ page at your dashboard “Page”…. If you know how to do it… and then for your home page to default your posts…one after another You go to Settings ….I think ‘Reader’ and check where it says Front Page Displays…. check your latest posts Then go down where it says blog page shows 10 Syndicate feed 10 Then to Articles in feed … ‘Summary’….. then where it says To infinity and ….. check Scroll Infinitely … then go to bottom and save changes…. (if this is what you want of course) I just thought it might be okay to do this….

        Then maybe if you want to display ? your last 8 posts or so … do a ‘widget’ for this.. If this is more than you want to bother with right now just disregard my unasked for advice….. Go at your own pace and wants…. Diane

  8. Well, I wouldn´t worry about my writing at all if I were you, and I’,m speaking as someone, who has been published by Britain’s Independent newspaper, among other publications. But let’s not exaggerate here, not that many others. Writing is like theatre, it needs an audience to make it complete. And thinking of someone, somewhere else in the world, getting some pleasure from words I have written is one of the nicest feelings I know.

  9. I have had conversations with myself my whole life too. 😀 You aren’t alone there. Bravo to you for doing this…unless you share, you can’t connect with people. Follow this path, my dear, you won’t be disappointed!

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