Day 75: Expressions


These pictures were taken back when boyfriend and I were “just-friends” with an undeniable love-hate relationship. He was tasked to take a photo of each  member of our team to be posted in our bulletin board.

When it was time for the photos to be submitted, he told me he selected the photo at the lower left. I was so mad at him. Now that I think about it, I realized that I overreacted. I didn’t know what had gotten into me that I was so affected by what he did. Maybe because he had been teasing and “bullying” me for a long time that I finally exploded. I then decided to delete him from the instant messaging system (called spark) we have in the office. When he found out, he did everything he could for us to be okay again. After a few months, I started to miss him and develop feelings for him. We began dating after that and eventually became a couple. None of our friends could believe we would end up being together since they used to see us bickering with each other. They would always say “kung wala gi-delete sa spark, di jud na sila mag-uyab!” 😀


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