Missing My Bestfriend

I’ve known her since second year high school. I was an awkward transferee student back then. Most of my classmates already have their own circle of friends from their freshmen years. She was one of those people who were kind enough to take me in. We then formed our own barkada of 4, two of whom were transferees including me.

I miss the times when we were just fooling around. When life was easier. The times when we were still stalking our crushes walking around the nearby town on weekends in the hope of seeing them. We would then buy banana cue as an excuse. We also love stopping at every mirror we passed by just to see our reflection. Yeah, we were narcissistic. I also miss memorizing lyrics while we were in the mini-forest along with our 2 other friends . We had our differences but we worked it out. She was outgoing while I was a home-buddy. She’s a good dancer while I am a terrible one. She had a lot of boyfriends while I had none. I fall for mestizos while her weakness are the moreno ones.

We were so different yet we could talk for hours. I don’t remember her trying to change me just to be like her. She was  someone I could always count on. I would always ask advise from her even though she’s a year younger than me. High school was a lot more fun because of her.

I haven’t seen her for a long time now. She’s in Manila while I am here in Cebu. We are now grown-ups and have lots of responsibilities – specially her. She told me she’ll be in Davao for work. We only communicate thru texts and facebook. Phone calls are seldom too. I wish her well and I am hoping someday we could find the time to bond again.

~ “A true friend is someone who thinks that you are a good egg even though he knows that you are slightly cracked” Bernard Meltzer


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