Climbing Trees


I love climbing trees. It has been my hobby since childhood. My mother would always ask me to harvest mangoes, papayas, marang, langka, santol and other fruits we have on my father’s little farm. We then sold them to our neighbors.

Climbing trees amazed me back then because it was the closest thing to flying (I haven’t rode on an airplane until I was 20). Flight is the only superpower I wish to have. I love the idea of being up there seeing the entire world; being able to glide above the clouds and have the wind touch my face. I am so obsessed with it that I try to manipulate my dreams at night.

I remember climbing trees everyday. I also remember being brought to the hospital since I fell out of anΒ Ypil-ypil tree. It was during our house blessing. My mother told me not to go out of the house but I disobeyed her. I landed on a big rock and injured my head. That didn’t stop me from climbing though. When my wounds were healed, me and my friends would go to our uncle’s farm and try to climb coconut trees.Β  I was always late in class too! Before going to school, I would pick guavas and sell it to my classmates. I also built tree houses at school out of ropes and tree branches. I was sent to the principal’s office for that. I had convinced my classmates to climb too and school thought it was dangerous.

Another thing I could never forget was when I was in the 4th grade. We made this rule with our friends that our feet wont touch the ground until we arrive home. The sidewalks in our town are full of Madre de Cacaos. These were originally planted as fences but have gotten really big that they served as shade for hikers too! We would climb from one madre de cacao to another by using their overlapping branches. It felt heaven. It was exciting. It was challenging. We were really careful not to touch the ground. When the trees sway it was like riding in a swing. I got home everyday feeling tired but happy. I then dreamed of it at night. I was always excited to go to school for it means I got to climb trees again on the way home.

I really miss that feeling but with the weight that I gained lately, I doubt the trees can still support me. I might end up with an injury again. But hey, what’s life without a little adventure? Maybe I just need to look for a bigger and sturdier tree this time. πŸ˜‰


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