Iwhite Korea Whitening Pack (Peel Off Mask)

IMGP9196My sister suggested that I use this product and so I did. I decided to do a review and boyfriend agreed to take the pictures. This is my first time doing a review so I apologize ahead. 😀

I got mine from Watsons at Php22 for 8ml.

written at the back of the packaging:

  • lighten skin discoloration
  • soothe and revitalized tired skin
  • prevent premature aging
  • slow down the rate of free radical damage

IMGP9184Wash your face before application. If you can, use warm water to open up pores. Keep your hair away from the face. You can a tie, headband or hair clips. This is to prevent the product from sticking to your hair.  My hair’s too short to tie so I just grabbed a hanky and tied it around my head.



Inside is a sticky substance just like Elmer’s  glue.

Apply generously and evenly to face. I recommend putting some pressure in applying and do it in circular motion. It feels really cool on the skin upon application that it helps you relax. It’s better to use only a finger or two since it’s less messy that way. Product is hard to remove once dried up.

IMGP9211This was how my face looked like after the application. I realized I shouldn’t have included the skin around my eyebrows (not reading the instructions carefully!). It’s really painful to remove since the hair also gets pulled out.

IMGP9212The process is a bit messy.

Wait for 15 minutes or until it’s dry. You will feel you skin tightening as you go thru the process. You can now remove the mask. It is recommended to peel it from chin to forehead.


Remove product residue and wash face again.


This is the mask. We failed to take a closer shot. It eliminated the white and black heads, dirt and some facial hair from my face.

IMGP9239The end-result. It felt really clean afterwards.

Before and After

I’m not sure if lighting is different but no editing was done. I am happy with the result so I will use it every other day. As of writing, I have a 95g bottle which I bought for Php199.


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