Birthday Surprise

My boyfriend always makes me feel special everyday in any way he can. When his birthday was approaching, I want to let him feel that he too, is very special to me. I had lots of plans beforehand but I was not able to realize because of time constraints. We were bound to go home for him to meet my parents.  I tried resolving this by contacting his family and friends ahead to help me with the surprise for the birthday boy . I came up with the idea of fan signs but with happy birthday greetings on them (pictures above). I was really glad that they all willingly obliged. Others followed suit when they saw the pictures. 🙂

We were supposed to arrive here from our vacation on April 3 but for some unforeseen forces we weren’t until the morning of April 4 and his birthday was on April 6. He went straight to work while I was really feeling sick with all stress we had to go thru just to get here. We have to work the day after that (April 5)  so I was already panicking. Also, it’s really hard preparing a surprise if you are constantly together. I even made excuses so that I could buy his gift after work. I only had a few hours sleep the night before his birthday. That was the only time I had. I messaged her mom to ask about the recipe of his favorite food. It was a good thing since budget was also limited. We were so broke after our vacation. lol

My sister helped me prepare but only for a while. Even she has work that night too. So I was left alone trying my best to finish everything. The balloons didn’t turn out as planned. 😦 I wasn’t even able to make my happy birthday fan sign for him.

I then invited a few close friends over for lunch. My sister and his boyfriend offered to buy the cake and wine and we were  set. He was really happy and surprised when he arrived at the apartment. Mission accomplished!


One thought on “Birthday Surprise

  1. I really want to thank you for this. I was never this surprised in my life! I know that you were very exhausted from the travel but you were still able to pull this of without me knowing! Ok, I admit that after you told me an excuse in the office, something was up, but I didn’t know that it was this big! I love you! I can really see and feel how much you love me through the efforts you made that day. Not that I cant feel it everyday, but that day was different. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I really want to say that this was the best birthday ever, but, with you, I know things are going to get better and better. So, for now, best birthday, so far!

    I’m in quite a pickle here… I’m not sure if I can surpass this! 😉

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