Mindanao, The Land of Promise – Day 5: Goin’ Bananas and Trekking

Finally visited the farm.

Camera Shy

On the previous post, I said that her parents had to tend their land. It turns out, they were harvesting their bananas! They were delivered by a guy using his horse. I forgot to mention that in this part, they are still using horses as a means of transporting goods. It was also the first time I’ve seen horses doing this. I was really amazed!

IMGP9698 Indiana Jones theme was playing in my head while imagining this guy riding the horse to deliver the bananas in Indiana Jones: The Last Crusade Ending credits style.

While the bananas were being delivered, we cleaned the house while her parents and her sister prepared lunch. IMGP9709IMGP9705

IMGP9703 Just like newly weds, apparently. 🙂

After lunch, we played a little badminton to burn off some fats.

While they were busy with playing badminton, I took some photos of the wild life I found around the house.

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