Mindanao, The Land of Promise – Day 9: Extended Stay

Camera Shy

Our ship was not leaving until 8pm, so we decided to walk around town. The town reminded me of a city in Bohol. Although there are more people in Bohol, than here though it was pretty much the same.

After we ate our lunch, we headed to the lodge, prepared our stuff and headed to the port.

We went to the port early so that we won’t have any problems boarding. I was able to take a photo of the sunset at the port. The port was really busy, there are a lot of passengers.IMGP0141

We waited for about 3 hours before we were able to board the ship, but the waiting place was air-conditioned so it was ok.


Once on board, we were able to finally rest.

IMGP0168 Big Smile

IMGP0169 Told her that her complexion was a bit dark-ish. Big Cuteness! 😉

IMGP0176 Dinner!

IMGP0181 Tickets

IMGP0183 Ticketss!

IMGP0188 And more ticketsss!


A few…

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