It has been a while since the last time I posted. I forgot my password! I tried retrieving it but I also forgot my email’s password and I lost the phone I registered with this account. Talk about being forgetful. Today, I tried every possible password I could have used and one of them worked! I got in. So happy!

Anyway, a lot has changed since then. I am now pursuing my dream of becoming a CPA. I stopped working to focus more in school. It is one of the biggest decisions I’ve made in my life and I’ve never been happy. It feels good to be doing what you always love to do. I don’t want to regret someday of not giving myself a chance. My family and my boyfriend have been very supportive of my decision. I am so grateful to have them. Boyfriend is going abroad for our future. I feel like everything’s falling into place. 🙂

I will post next time I get the chance. I’m so busy reviewing and studying.

Wish me luck!DSCF1608