Who’s Who

Some things you might/might not want to know about me.

  1.  Eldest of 4 siblings (all girls)
  2.  Born and raised in Iligan City.
  3.  Working as a callcenter agent in Cebu City for 5 years now.
  4.  Loves the color pink. (but not wearing pink anymore due to age constraints. lol)
  5.  Loves nature so much. Trees, animals, flowers.
  6.  Loves photography too!
  7.  Favorite fruits are durian and grapes. Least favorite are young green mango and ripe papaya. (I love ripe mango and young papaya)
  8.  Aspiring to become a CPA (this has been my long dream and frustration)
  9.  I used to swim rivers everyday and climb trees when I was a kid. I was brought to the hospital after I fell down from an Ypil-ypil tree and had a concussion.
  10.  I also sell fruits and vegetables to earn money way back then.
  11.  I was consistent in topping the class since 1st grade to 4th year high school but never had any award in college.  lol
  12.  I love to read. Manga, novels, anything. (This has cost me my good vision, I got eyeglasses recently). Oh, by the way, I love Harry Potter too. 🙂
  13.  I love anime. Naruto is my favorite.
  14.  I love movies specially Disney ones. They make me feel like a kid again. (I don’t watch horror – i find them a waste of time or maybe I’m just really coward. lol)
  15. I love music.
  16.  I want to live in the countryside.
  17.  If I become the President I would require each family to plant at least one tree per family or else they can’t have oxygen.
  18.  I’m a home-buddy. I can stay at home and just do housework.
  19.  I love doing the laundry. Sounds weird but I do.
  20.  I love balut and siomai too.
  21.  My favorite place is Carbon/Colon. There are a lot of things to love about that place.
  22.  I don’t eat chocolates. I’m not a fan of sweets.
  23.  I love to cook.
  24.  Never had a boyfriend until I was 20.
  25.  I love my family and am willing to do anything for them (even if that means I need to be away from them)
  26.  I am close to my sister.
  27.  I love my friends. I love keeping them. I’m still close to my best-friend in elementary as well as in high school. I also have close friends in college and at work.
  28.  I love babies and kids.
  29.  I love my boyfriend, I consider him a gift from above.
  30.  I love God above anything else.

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