Happy Birthday Riz!




“A true friend is happy and supportive of your success, they won’t be jealous.”


To a friend who is loyal, genuine and trustworthy, Happy Birthday! God bless you!


Birthday Surprise

My boyfriend always makes me feel special everyday in any way he can. When his birthday was approaching, I want to let him feel that he too, is very special to me. I had lots of plans beforehand but I was not able to realize because of time constraints. We were bound to go home for him to meet my parents.  I tried resolving this by contacting his family and friends ahead to help me with the surprise for the birthday boy . I came up with the idea of fan signs but with happy birthday greetings on them (pictures above). I was really glad that they all willingly obliged. Others followed suit when they saw the pictures. 🙂

We were supposed to arrive here from our vacation on April 3 but for some unforeseen forces we weren’t until the morning of April 4 and his birthday was on April 6. He went straight to work while I was really feeling sick with all stress we had to go thru just to get here. We have to work the day after that (April 5)  so I was already panicking. Also, it’s really hard preparing a surprise if you are constantly together. I even made excuses so that I could buy his gift after work. I only had a few hours sleep the night before his birthday. That was the only time I had. I messaged her mom to ask about the recipe of his favorite food. It was a good thing since budget was also limited. We were so broke after our vacation. lol

My sister helped me prepare but only for a while. Even she has work that night too. So I was left alone trying my best to finish everything. The balloons didn’t turn out as planned. 😦 I wasn’t even able to make my happy birthday fan sign for him.

I then invited a few close friends over for lunch. My sister and his boyfriend offered to buy the cake and wine and we were  set. He was really happy and surprised when he arrived at the apartment. Mission accomplished!

Missing My Bestfriend

I’ve known her since second year high school. I was an awkward transferee student back then. Most of my classmates already have their own circle of friends from their freshmen years. She was one of those people who were kind enough to take me in. We then formed our own barkada of 4, two of whom were transferees including me.

I miss the times when we were just fooling around. When life was easier. The times when we were still stalking our crushes walking around the nearby town on weekends in the hope of seeing them. We would then buy banana cue as an excuse. We also love stopping at every mirror we passed by just to see our reflection. Yeah, we were narcissistic. I also miss memorizing lyrics while we were in the mini-forest along with our 2 other friends . We had our differences but we worked it out. She was outgoing while I was a home-buddy. She’s a good dancer while I am a terrible one. She had a lot of boyfriends while I had none. I fall for mestizos while her weakness are the moreno ones.

We were so different yet we could talk for hours. I don’t remember her trying to change me just to be like her. She was  someone I could always count on. I would always ask advise from her even though she’s a year younger than me. High school was a lot more fun because of her.

I haven’t seen her for a long time now. She’s in Manila while I am here in Cebu. We are now grown-ups and have lots of responsibilities – specially her. She told me she’ll be in Davao for work. We only communicate thru texts and facebook. Phone calls are seldom too. I wish her well and I am hoping someday we could find the time to bond again.

~ “A true friend is someone who thinks that you are a good egg even though he knows that you are slightly cracked” Bernard Meltzer

Day 71: Boodle Fight!


Boodle fight according to the urban dictionary is a military style of eating where long tables are prepared and food are on top of the banana leaves. Viands and rice ready to eat using your bare hands, jugs of water are prepared on the side to wash hands before the “eating combat”. With the signal to start the boodle fight, everyone aims for his/her position.

I still remember the first time I got to be a part of a boodle fight. It was during our CAT (Citizens Army Training) in high school. Our officer said that the activity will promote friendship and equality among us. I remembered it to be fun. It was like a fight in the sense that you need to fill yourself up before the food runs out.

A couple of weeks ago, we planned to meet up with friends but wanted to eat something different. Some restaurants here in the Philippines serve food this way but it’s quite expensive. Someone suggested we make our very own version of a boodle fight. We assigned each person to bring some viand (leftovers will do) for the eating activity. We laid down a banana leaf we got from our friends’ neighbor. Instead of using rice, we had milled corn and boiled green bananas. For the viand, we had dried fish, lechon manok, grilled pork, canned sardines in tomato sauce and chicken halang-halang. It was a fun experience. The food’s more delicious when shared. You should try it too!

Tubod Flowing Waters Resort


I grew up in a place where bodies of water are abundant. Our city has a lot of waterfalls enough for it  to be known as “The City of Waterfalls”. I can’t go home yet so I really miss the refreshing feeling of taking a dip in the pool.

One of the few real friends I made from work already resigned from the company so we thought of having a despedida (farewell) party for her. I was really glad they want to go swimming to celebrate. Yay! The idea of swimming again made me really excited. We made plans for the food and other stuff we need . They all have kids of their own and we want to bond longer so we rented a room to stay for the night. It was a fun experience. It was almost dark when we arrived there so the kids just stayed in the pool for a while and went back to the room where they played until they doze off. The adults had fun too! While the guys enjoyed playing the guitar and singing their hearts out, us girls were busy chatting and laughing our heads off. We slept really late and don’t want the night to end. A very early and hearty breakfast was prepared the next day. The kids went swimming again after that. We left at midday exhausted but still wishing we could have stayed longer. We’ll definitely do it again in the future, I am thinking every month, maybe?